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What is worth seeing in the UK? London Attractions. Nature in Foggy Albion. How to make your trip unforgettable?

Why should you visit the UK at least once in your life?

“London is the capital of Great Britain” – this phrase is known to all schoolchildren worldwide. Great Britain is a small country with a vibrant history, unusual traditions, and beautiful architecture. Everyone who knows English dreams of coming here at least once to walk the streets of London, see Stonehenge, and plunge into this fascinating world. is ideal if you want to have an unusual vacation, see unique sights, and enjoy traveling.

The main sights of London

London is the heart of Great Britain, and here you can find the central government institutions and the most visited sights. More than 15 million tourists come here annually to enjoy this unforgettable atmosphere.

For many, London is associated exclusively with Big Ben and the British Parliament because this is an actual visiting card of the UK. Big Ben is called the giant bell, located inside the Elizabeth Tower. There is also a clock on each side of the head, so every resident of London knows the time exactly. During the last five years, the tower has been closed for renovation, but now you can enjoy its grandeur to the fullest again.

Right next to Big Ben is the Palace of Westminster, which is the building of the British Parliament. You can visit this with a tour group and see from the inside how the political system of this country works.

Another famous landmark of the capital is the London Eye. This colossal Ferris wheel allows tourists to see the main attractions from a bird’s eye view. It was installed in 2000, and today it is hard to imagine London without this Ferris wheel, which has become another hallmark of the city.

Buckingham Palace has been the royal family’s seat since Queen Victoria’s accession (r. 1837-1901). During major events, the current monarch comes onto the balcony to greet residents of the capital and tourists. In addition, many tourists gather near the palace every morning to see the royal guard changing. It is a very spectacular ritual, which is an attraction in itself.

Tower Bridge was built way back in 1894, but this is regularly improved for convenient use. It offers a breathtaking view of the city and the river.

Trafalgar Square is the city’s center, where people gather to take a short walk and enjoy the gorgeous architecture. There are several art galleries here, and local artists arrange spontaneous exhibitions.

If you are in awe of the works of the famous Shakespeare, you should visit Shakespeare’s Globe. It is a copy of the building where the first works of the renowned playwright were staged. Many visitors say that it has an incredible atmosphere you won’t find in any other theater.

In addition, the city has a considerable number of museums and exhibition centers, among the most famous of them are:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Warner Bros. Studio and many others.

London is a huge cultural center. Many films have been shot here, and countless books have been written about it, so everyone has a special place they want to visit.

Attractions outside London

If you have often been to London, it’s time to explore the sights outside the capital.

While life is in full swing in London, everyone is in a hurry and constantly busy; outside the capital, you can immerse yourself in tranquility and magic. The most famous attraction is Stonehenge. It is located 130 kilometers from the capital and is a real scientific mystery that still needs to be solved. It is known that these stone sculptures appeared circa the 30th century BC e. and 19th century BC.

In ancient times, this served as a kind of calendar, thanks to which people could determine the solstice and equinox days.

Folk legends also link Stonehenge to the world-famous magician Merlin, who was the patron of King Arthur. Scientists found the first mention of Stonehenge in the 12th century. Then the chronicler says that Merlin transferred huge blocks from the banks of the Dnieper to England and erected such a structure here, symbolizing a round table.

According to another legend, Stonehenge is the warrior Boudiuki, the leader of the Celts, who fought the Romans. During one of the battles, the Celts were defeated, and Boudioka took poison so as not to be captured by the enemy. According to betrayal, the Celts and Romans came to her funeral amazed by her courage. Together they build this incredible structure that still stands to this day.

Another world-famous attraction outside of London is the Cambridge campus. It is famous not only for its graduates but also for its gorgeous architecture, rich library, and other attractions. All conditions are created here so that students can get the maximum knowledge, so there is a significant scientific base, laboratories, and more. Here you will want to remember your student years and possibly get a second education.

If you want to enjoy breathtaking nature, we recommend visiting the North York Moors. It is a large national park on the territory of which there are majestic landscapes, architectural monuments, and the famous Loch Ness. Many enthusiasts come to this lake to ensure that the Loch Ness monster is a myth. A large number of books and legends have been written about the beauties of Yorkshire. For many, this becomes a place of power where you want to return again and again.

As you can see, the UK is an incredibly rich country (not only financially but also spiritually), so everyone can find their favorite attraction here, depending on what they like in the first place.

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